The dymanic and dedicated team behind MP

We’re called to serve. We’ve devoted our time and effort into the organization because we believe & passionate about what we do. We love helping people. We love bringing people to Christ.

MP means


Ministère Puissance is more than a non-profit. We help people and we take pride in doing that. MP is striving for excellence.


Love is what motivate us to do we do. Our love for the lost souls keeps us moving. Love is at the core of every programs and projects. From mission trips to preach the gospel to education program to send kids to school, we do all due to love.

MP Haiti

Our organization is doing an awesome job in Haiti. We bring hope to several communities in the country.

MP means


We make it a point to always serve others with respect and dignity no matter who they are or where they come from.


We care about others. We wake up everyday looking for ways to bring joy and happyness to someone’s heart.