Puissance FM ! What To Expect

Broadcasting 24/7. If the radio program blesses your life, then please let other people know so they can tune in and be blessed!

Puissance FM

We are determined to spread the good news of Jesus through any means possible. That is why we preach, teach, and serve.

It is why we go to distant places and through many troubles to bring the good news to the people of Haiti.
It is also why we have opened a radio station where people can tune in to listen to the gospel preached with simplicity and power. People can Listen to our Christian (Puissance FM) at www.puissance.org/fm.

On Puissance FM, we preach the love of God for humankind. The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross has paid for our sins. The grace of God is obtained through faith that enables us to accept the gift of Jesus. And the power of God manifesting in our lives on an ongoing basis to enable us to live above sin and live lives pleasing to God.
We believe that the gospel of Jesus saves. And that only the gospel of Jesus can genuinely save man ultimately. Therefore we aim to make this gospel freely available to everyone who cares to tune in and listen.

Puissance FM


We will be broadcasting songs to edify and lift your spirit as you go about your daily business. Worship songs and gospel songs from anointed singers will lift you and carry you into the very presence of God.
Bible study

Bible study

We will also go through the Bible hand in hand and systematically. Deep dives into the Bible's themes and thorny questions will help us strengthen our faith.


We believe that the word of God, when preached faithfully, has the power to change your life. Here on Puissance FM, we will be broadcasting sermons that take you on a journey into the Bible and shows you God's mind for you, your family, and your church.


There will also be prayers going on, on the radio station. We believe that God hears our prayers and that He answers prayers. Tune in and pray along with us.

Do you have any specific needs? Are you anxious about something? We believe that as we pray that God will guard your heart with the peace that passes understanding. We also believe that God will meet your needs through His providence as we ask Him in faith.

We will also be praying for the unreached people of the world as well as for those who have decided to take the gospel to those who have not been reached.

Tell Someone To Tune In!

If the radio program blesses your life, then please let other people know so they can tune in and be blessed!